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John recently posted in my "Eggvatar Pool" topic that there will be loads more new eggs coming to BEO2. So, why tie myself down to just one? My new avatar has more of a "Universal" theme Smiley_Wink

[Image: r9g383.png]

I thought the idea of a BEO2 Continent on a virtual planet was just silly enough to work!
Just as I said last time, there will be more content soon. Smiley_Smile
Very nice work. Also when will you finish my Avatar, the ghosts one. I am stoked even more after seeing this one! It's amazing!
Keep it up!
I'm still not sure how it'll turn out. But you definitely deserve something.
Also, I noticed you reached level 50! Nice! Smiley_BigGrin
Well thanks for the kind words. Thanks for everything and no matter how it turns outs, I won't mind.
The best thing in the world-thanks so much! The worst in the world-thanks so much!
I just want it soon!
Thank you as well. You're a big reason why I'm so motivated to do this. I'll have the avatar done soon, I promise. Smiley_Smile
that's nice. that's real nice. Smiley_Smile
(11-02-2013 10:24 AM)Master cheef Wrote: [ -> ]that's nice. that's real nice. Smiley_Smile

Thank you very much! Smiley_Smile
oh why did you name yourself hero2 instead of hybird4sure.
Well, I made a few topics about that. I did it because I wanted my alias on BEO match the one I use on Xbox Live. It makes everything easier on me. Smiley_Smile
oh ok. do you know who I am Smiley_Wink
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