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i was just thinking, to help for players who play a lot ( or pay a lot haha ) that they could upgrade their weapons however ever so slightly, unlocking "Skins" for the weapon to give it a custom look. Other ideas could be a larger blast radius for grenades, so for weapons players use more can be more useful to them. but now just take a moment and imagine throwing a golden grenade at another egg Smiley_BigGrin

*Edit* I realize that the damage modifications would be even more unfair, so i have removed them from my post
Haha, I LOVE the skins idea! I love all forms of weapon customization! In fact, I prefer to use good looking guns over OP destroyers. Just imagine, a golden pan, a golden nade (as you have stated) Gold penguins, heck, even golden health nades!

I have to disagree with the extra damage idea, though, becausse it gives an even further unfair advantage over newer players.
As Dragon said, paints and skins are awesome ideas, as is the idea of leveling up. But he's also right in that the extra damage would cause a bigger gap between those of us who've played for a while and those just starting. Even the people still coming from BEO1 are at a disadvantage just because the gameplay is so different, no need to make that any worse.

The other problem I see is how would you implement it? From where I'm standing (or sitting and typing), you'd have to create a completely new menu just for the customizations. And for the weapon selection, would it be a side-scroll with a skin drop-down and weapon preview? Or how do you see that as being? And how many levels would there be?
Every idea needs a little refinement right? Smiley_BigGrin but i was thinking that the common weapons ( never needed to be unlocked ) have 5 basic levels then the unlockable one's throughout the levels might have anywhere from 6-7 levels and the last level of them would be a golden version. But the packs have the most ( 10 )

Oh and @Tenchi yeah i do believe that another tab would have to be implemented ( maybe in the weapons menu? ) and change each one individually
The idea is cool.
I like "skins" idea. Its pretty cool! Smiley_Smile
sounds goood supported Smiley_BigGrin and maybe add cool new looks to the weapon as well
It would be ok like for each level you can increase your weapons like 1 point and the max is 5.
Not to be a downer, but i posted something like the 'skins' idea in the BEO1 forum before BEO2 existed.. It obviously wasnt passed..
I support the skins-idea it would be cool with weapons in different colors.

However the damage-idea will be unfair, therefore i will not support it.
definitely supported i love it!
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