Full Version: Color's for aim!
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I noticed a while back I made the topic about the aim color thing and Donkins didn't add it. Well to add to that suggestion for the aim everyone should have Blue aim thing ok. But if you go to shop you can buy Red,Green,Orange,Purple for 10credits. Then you can buy Red,Green,Orange,Purple with affects like sparkles flashing on the aim. For 20credits Then a silver aim for 30credits and For 50 credits you could buy a Golden aim thing Or maybe even more color's I thought the Donkins wanted to make some money off of it so yea I would be willing to buy!
yeah. the idea sounds ok. but I don't think the color power aim should be very pricy.
Not very necessary, but I can't say No. So, supported.
Hmmm nice idea well maybe im the only one but I want more colors to beo Smiley_XD
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