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Hey guys,

There are always people that report people with no good reason.
I think it isn't fair because we lose rep for something we didn't do.

Now, I think the reports should be "more to the point"
-What did the person do wrong?

Take a look at what it could look like:
[Image: 2lnx1so.png]

^ Those are just some ideas. Donkins can chose which ones they want to use.

Once people see this and have no option to report, they will stop reporting for useless reasons.

I hope you like this idea and I hope to see it in game.

Tell me what you think! Smiley_Smile
I like the idea, but it wouldnt stop people reporting for worthless reasons like killing them. Otherwise I love it because Donkins will know ..specifically what the player did.
I like it because it would take less time for the Donkins and us as players.. But maybe you should put another option marked as 'other reason' where the reporter describes whats wrong with the player..
I think we should take reporting away intiarly. if someone did something that they should be banned or warned for. they would need proof. and reporting people randomly does nothing except make you have a rep token away.
I agree with Master Cheef because what if you kill someone and they report for asking for pass for no reason?
The Donkins should be able to see the reports. With this it will sort out all the reports, "All the Offensive Usernames" in one pile and so on.

This will make it organized and if the Donkins dont find enough proof, then they wont ban, simple.
Reports main function is to disable chat nothing else,
when you report someone they dont get received by admin or mod, not to my knowledge.
they are not going to ban anyone without solid proof
so adding more option is not useful.
its only useful when there is someone available to check all reports & take action, there is no one.
Great idea!
Yesterday one Guest reported me with no reason but he was the one who acted rude.
I like your idea!
Totally supported! Smiley_XD
Like SenSei said, it wouldn't reduce anything, only increase the bs reports. It really doesn't make any difference unless all game-logs (and chats) were being constantly monitored and reviewed. That's not saying I don't like the idea, because I do; but when you consider that there has to be a person reviewing everything (because even machines can be fooled), it becomes impossible to to implement...from a man-hours perspective (just like the American war on drugs or making sure that Americans don't bring anything from Cuba into the US). (P.S. The Cuba example, just as a fun fact, uses 178,000 person-hours and still doesn't prevent Cuban goods from slipping past customs officers.)
If you think it will reduce the negative rep givers, you're wrong.
Unless each and every chat is stored somewhere in the universe, people will just dish out negative reps with a fake reason (asking passwords, for one).

EVEN IF there is a file that stores all the chats, (real doubtful) I seriously don't think ANYONE would want to read through all that stuff.

The best thing to do is not have the report system.
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