Full Version: Question regarding the chat room
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I read on the here somewhere that the BEO 1 forum will become read-only soon. I was wondering what will happen with the chat room, will we get a new one or will the same one be moved to this page?

I think they will make a new one for beo2. im not sure though.
Why should they?What difference will they have?
Everything would be in common,why just use the old one?
I don't know. it might be.
They will probably stick with the old one, if people want to play both of the games then they can on the same chat. Maybe they could add two separate rooms on the same chat for the games.
I also wonder what will happen to bad eggs 1 when bad eggs 2 stops the beta. every one will probably leave.
No that won't happen. Some people will like that game more or like this one more. Think about many franchises with sequels are a success and people still play both games. Some people may just prefer one more than the other and stick with that one.
oh ok. I would go to beo2 and forget about my other account.
Maybe in the full version.
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