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Hi everyone

Yesterday I played with a friend for a long time and we did a nice win streak for him and he did a prestige from prestige 1 to prestige 2 and his whole win streak reset automatically Smiley_Sad and he had to start from the beginning.

I do not know if this is a problem or it has to be like that.

If this is a problem of the game please move this to the appropriate department and can I ask to repaired as soon as possible. and as is the way it should be and let it Rob & John Donkin introduced in the next update.

Thnaks Smiley_Smile

I thought the point with prestige was to reset everything for one more star, winstreak included.
But why would your win streak reset, it's not like prestiging counts as a loss, I found this very frustrating when it happened to me. I hope it's it wasn't intended to be like that.
I have not prestiged in beo2 however then i did it in beo1 all wins, deaths, kills, unlock shells and unlock weapons were removed.
The only thing untouched was xp and rep.

I suspect it is the same thing in beo2.

Before i confirmed that prestige it gave me a warning this will happen. Afterwards (at least i think it was afterwards, long time ago) it said that the prestige was successful and i should have fun doing it all over again.
In my opinion it should reset everything part xp, rep and win streaks because you didn't lost so it shouldn't reset it to you.

Please Rob or John speak on this topic and explain everythingSmiley_Smile

I think win streak should remain as well. Maybe a poll would be helpful?
"Yesterday I played with a friend for a long time and we did a nice win streak for him"

So you are saying you are boosting.
He only meant they were a team and they won enough for a good streak.
Don't go off topic please.
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