Full Version: Hello everyone, how are you?
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It's been over 6 years since I've last logged in.. How is everyone? Is there anyone I know from BEO 1/BEO Forums 1?

I'm happy to see this game is still active. Smiley_ThumbsUp

Edit: Alright, not really active. But it's still up.
I think I might be the only one who still comes here, but it means I get to ban all the spambots too...oh well.
I remember you from BEO1, funny enough I had a hard time remembering your name but I remember your shell in your logo. I probably played you before but its been such a long time but it feels nice to see some fellow OG players tho.

Such a great game, sad to see it's on its last legs
@Noncryptic Oh hey, I vaguely remember you from the BEO1 forums lol. That was such a long time ago though.

@Tenchi I report the spam bots when I remember that this forum exists and log on about once every few weeks.
I visit this place like once in a month to check if it still exists lol
Glad to see that some people are still posting
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