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hey hey
how y'all are doing?

i am always around the flash32 beo2 to PC with borrowed/secondary accs and to beo2 mobile with my main acc, as im kinda aware of the happenings of both platforms (i check them every day, not every time btw since i work/train/study so much and my time is not long) due to the fact i check them daily.

i think much players gave up the flash32 on pc unfortunately, since i see in maximum 4 matches open at the same time (or even less), i use that more as a way of checking all the leaderboards and to have that old sensation of the years [late]2014-2017 when i used to play just a little beo2, but had great time on PC.

mobile is not hyped at all, but at weekends its on fire, normal days basically we have 5-7 pages of matches, and weekends it is 7+, its not much compared to the old times, but its cool that even without the updates the game still going on and being actually a good experience.

i already accepted the fact that updates are very unlikely neither a positioning from Bad Viking/John or Rob, and i think now it is safe to say (even being sad to say), that the main question now is ''when the game will end?'', its a fact that most of people dont wanna accept, but it is pretty obvious that at some point beo2 unfortunately will end...maybe some months? maybe more 8 years? who knows '-'

if someone have info to tell please do it, me and my clan CN wanna know this information have quite some time and some friends clan as well, i hope for the best and the game have updates, but i already know that probably will not be the case, then what we have to do is to be realistic and not optimistic.

take care everyone.
In plain terms, the game is only completely dead and gone when there's no one left to play at all. BEO1 was being played well into the BEO2 years by die hard vets, many of whom I had the privilege of playing both with and against. However, in practical terms, the PC version has gone to the great fridge in the sky as you need legacy flash players and extensions to make it function. The mobile version will be going in much the same way because of a lack of promotion and updates, and this will happen sooner rather than later as people tire of the same things every time. Even the forums, in some places, have started turning up bbforum errors making it impossible for me to effectively moderate them.

That all would be my best answer for all of your questions.
ok tenchi, thank you and i hope for the best.

fortunately the present is not as good as it was in the past, but it is still nice, i would like to see u there, cuz one thing that is good to specify here:

only kong users cant login at mobile, those that were facebook users, or normal password users (at site or download) can have their accounts working normally at mobile.

mobile is a bit harder, thats a fact, but much pro players joined there and are evolving more and more, i really would like to enjoy everything as long as i can, because my life is in one very important point, and with this covid around on my country my ways of fun are very limited, get drunk alone is just so boring hahaha get stoned alone it is as well, then i play with joy indeed Smiley_XD Smiley_XD

anyway, for anyone who is reading this, good luck and take care, and if u wanna play some day, i'm every day a few macthes at mobile with various sets, or just PM me here <3
just checked game today and there was total of 1 (!) match and it was 1 vs 1 (maybe some1 set it to raise his/her stats although castle isn't best suited for that).

dunno if donkins are devving anything since last blog post is ~2.5 years old.

dunno about broken grounds but last time i checked it it was dead.
I heard news that Rob & John were in the process of creating a new game called Strange Horticulture. Looks totally different than Bad Eggs but they've released a trailer for it on their FB page. Hopefully this will spark interest!
I just downloaded and played that game and i can say its nice but im not a fan of non-multiplayer games.
Hopefully the game will have a bright future.
I'm still not sure why more Bad Eggs games weren't made. I understand Broken ground was meant to be a sequel in a way, but it seems like just sticking with the name "Bad Eggs" would have been far more successful just by the fact that 1 and 2 were so great. "Worms" has been around for many years and have made many sequel games and I'm not sure why we couldn't get more than BEO2.

Now in 2021, it is possible we would all be playing BEO4 at this point and continuing to grow. I think the biggest mistake was the Donkins "abandoning" BEO2 during its prime cycle time. How are games like League of legends which was released in 2009 (i've never played it) still surviving and still very popular?

It's very sad to me because I love this franchise and it's sad because I feel there was so much potential there that just never came to fruition. Now I don't know the effects Flash would have, but I could have seen a move to steam being an easy transition and it could have actually been more popular on there.

With all the respect since I love the Donkins, I have no idea what this new game is like, but I just don't understand why BEO was just left behind and never looked back to. It has a winning formula, so I don't understand this jumping to new completely different games, when there was already a successful franchise in BEO1 and 2. I'm sure there are answers to these questions, but it is just unfortunate as a fan of BEO.

It amazes me that after 8 years since BEO2 launched, there are still a surprising amount of people (including myself at times) that play the app even with no updates in years. That alone shows that people love this game so much and don't want it to die.

Now I don't know the future and doubt there will ever be a BEO3, but the more time that passes, the loyal players will leave and the window is shutting and maybe already did. At this point it may even be too late for a BEO3.

MY IDEA: There have recently been many old games being remastered. What if a Bad Eggs 1 Remastered was released on steam. I don't know how it is to develop a game, but I would image doing this wouldn't be as much work as starting a new game from scratch, but I could be wrong. Then again, this is probably just my wishful thinking since I love this game way too much and for too long now ahaha.

Anyway, I doubt many will read this, but this just showed my passion for this game. It has been a wonderful time playing all these years full of great memories. I still play on the app every once in a while so not done yet!
I'd almost say that the title for this potential reboot should be "Bad Eggs: Reloaded" or something. Keeping the egg theme in the subtitle might be difficult though.
I like that idea a lot. It'a a pipe dream at this point, but it's nice to think that this isn't the end.
I feel like this may be the only way to bring back some of the older players. It also would give the feeling of nostalgia which I would love since the sad thing about flash is I can't even log onto BEO1 anymore and see my stats, shells, etc.
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