Full Version: Play Bad Eggs without Flash!
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If anyone out there is wondering how to play Bad Eggs without flash player, check out this exclusive video that covers everything you need to know! Also completely forgot I had credits left!

For the exclusive .SWF File, DOWNLOAD LINK IS IN #2 POST OF THIS PAGE! <-------
PS: Thanks to Egg666 for providing the .swf file!

Glad to see neighbor ! Thanks, going to get me playing again.. Will this work for beo1 ?
Sad to see the game go.. Had a blast years ago.
OMG this works !! I'm so happy .
But there's no one playing . We should set a night to play. Like thursday night or friday idk. If someone wants to play let me know Smiley_Smile
nice to get some credibility although it isn't my idea originally. works on every os which has flash projector available.
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