Full Version: How?
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Map selection and especially match options should reset when matchmaker leaves. Testing if match had had pro-options wouldn't been easy since it was 2 vs 2.
very strange,if someone of the room have pro and he got the host thats the reason that maitained i guess.

but anyway,it can be a lag,if the room get full and the match get started,it may reset to the normal sets and the castle map.

one question,do u play mobile too?
only on desktop.
To answer this, it has occasionally happened to me in the past. The host left, or dc'd and rejoined the lobby (this one was me a couple times), and the settings were still showing the previous ones but reset after having gone a round.
I typically only play 2v or 3v, so I can say that even though it shows, it wouldn't have any pro options applied.
1 player joined to that match but apparently got scared about pro options and left.
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