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I, and a few friends, who like to chat in the game, have all been losing rep for no apparent reason. We are all pleasant players that play fair.

I've noticed my rep decrease when hosting games, when player after player join, report and leave... and I have gone from 10 rep to 5 in 2 minutes, seeing players join, report and leave (at that point, I quit playing, because I don't want to go any lower).

Sadly, a couple of my friends have gone into -rep, and can't talk any more, and subsequently have stopped playing the game (because they play socially, like myself). I have to stop playing the game when this troll is about, to avoid getting reported down to -rep, and also lose the ability to chat.

One of my friends learned that it's a regular player that goes by the name ItGoesIn (or ItGoes or something like that, I don't know the exact name)... My friend had the opportunity to talk to them, and pleaded with them to stop, and since then, that friend hasn't lost rep since. - So it seems it's just this 1 person doing this.

They are using multiple 'shared' accounts - accounts that have the password shared online.

I have had enough of this happening, and am taking steps to prevent it.

I am taking note of account names when I notice this happen, to log in to those shared accounts (by googling the password), and I am forcing these shared accounts down to -10, so they can no longer join my +rep only games...

The problem is, that there is a HUGE supply of public shared passwords, and it's going to be a lot of work to keep noting them down, searching the passwords, and forcing the accounts down to negative rep.

I realise this game is on it's last legs, with flash likely to be disabled by all browsers soon, but is there anything that can be done? - like disabling the report feature?

I also realise that it's possible nobody will read this... but thanks if you do... Maybe even the troll will read this... If you do, please stop, because this is a game that's supposed to be fun to play, and you're ruining the fun for many players.

This isn't a problem with just my group of friends (as many of them don't even know each other) - I see many regular players that I don't even talk to, who always used to be 10 rep, being close to 0 or negative rep... so I suspect this troll is doing it to everyone.

This has been happening for more than a few weeks, and I was hoping they would get bored and move on... but they haven't.
Like you've said, the game is on it's last legs and it's (unfortunately) unlikely that the report feature will be addressed. While flash isn't disabled in FF yet, the last update comes up with a "not installed correctly, needs repair" message from flash player itself. While I've tried to repair it to continue moderating things like this and chat behavior in game, it's to no avail.

With the shared accounts, if you have them and proof that they're public, then it has always been "give the info to the Donkins" since they're the only ones who can ban accounts. As a moderator, I could only have done something about chat or kicking the person from lobbies if necessary. Going back to dealing with the shared accounts, there's 1 work around that may do it: completely private lobbies. If you and your friends have enough people to fill one, then that would be the best choice since everyone could chat freely. While those with negative reps would need up to 10 days to be able to chat again, it would be a small price to pay for the guaranteed positive rep. The next solution would be to go to party mode. With this, nobody plays these anymore because it's "too much work" to change the tab (and they'd rather have the noob settings of x2 explosions and jump with no frills) and play something different. The end result is the same, reps go up, trolls stay away. Shared accounts, like the report feature, are unlikely to be dealt with at this point for the previously mentioned reason regarding flash.

Regarding trolls, ItGoesIn is one of many who do just that, report people and leave. If not that, then they wait for the game to start, THEN report and just think they're funny. Even worse, there's the players who troll because you did something they didn't like (i.e. beat them or just kill them so they can't gain more exp that round, kick them from lobbies, disable their goes on and on and on). Trolling comes with the internet, and nothing can fix that.
Hi tenchi,

Thanks for your reply. It's nice to see you're still around reading and replying in the forums.

As for shared accounts, just googling "beo2 password" (or similar) reveals hundreds, if not thousands, of them... But I wouldn't expect anyone to go to all that work of searching and banning them (especially in an end-of-life game that's no longer under development).

Thanks for your suggestions/workarounds, but playing with strangers and making new friends is all part of the online gaming experience for me.

I don't have a problem with the typical troll reporting, and, of course, accept that it's part of any internet game... It's when a person goes out of their way using multiple accounts to spam report, deliberately exploiting the system attempting to mute a player through -rep, that I have a problem with. - Especially when they are relentless, have no life, and must do this for hours every day, for weeks on end.

I have played this game for several years, and this is the first time I, or my friends, have had this problem.

A possible fix to the problem would be to prevent any unique IP address from spam reporting a single player in this manner: e.g. only allowing 1 report of the same player from any unique IP address every 10 minutes. But of course I realise the game is no longer in development, and is sadly reaching it's end of life. - I suppose I was just complaining in the forums about it as a bit of a rant. So, rant over Smiley_BigGrin

Thank you again for your reply and continued dedication to the community over the years.
well, I had a good run of a couple weeks without the reporting troll being a problem, then today I have to stop playing again after my rep suddenly dropped from 10 to 6 in the space of hosting 1 game lobby...

Tenchi, I don't know if you're able to do anything with IP addresses, but does the log of people join-leave-reporting help?

You are ready.
yuyalis has joined the game.
NewLife has left the game.
guest.123456 has joined the game.
yuyalis has left the game.
guest.123456 has left the game.
notanymore has joined the game.
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Unfortunately, no. I'm not able to do anything with IPs in relation to the game, that has to be done by the Donkins.
this reporting troll stuff is outta hand i had 10 rep and ended up with 4 in about 3 minutes
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