Full Version: What's up, people? Anyone else bored in this pandemic?
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Hello everyone,

So, my country is on lockdown due to the obvious, and I now have a lot more free time. I'm pretty bored, so if anyone still remembers me or not and would want to play a quick game or two or get back into playing again, then hit me up on this thread. I'm still busy with college, but I'll get back to you and maybe we could get some oldies and newbies back on BEO again!
Not right now, but I also have some time to play. I will pm you a link if I see you online on forum at the time I play Smiley_Smile
Well, Welcome back!
Sadly I will not be playing for multiple reasons. I do not know what to do with my account. If anyone has an idea as to what to do please pm me.
@Alejandrez All right, that sounds good. I believe my inbox has been at 98% for like 3 years, so I should maybe clean that up a bit, but I'll still get a PM if you send one anyway.

@silverio I'm not sure what you could do with it. I've only heard of a couple people who have actually sold their accounts, and that's when BEO was at its peak. (I don't even remember if it's technically allowed or not)
It's technically "sharing" your account, which would be very much frowned upon; and while the rules say that it's not allowed, there's also not much that can be done to stop people from sharing. So while I would say not to do it, I'll also say this: what we don't know can't hurt us. If you do share/sell it, that's your business imho, the results of that are more on the person/people who end up using it.
All right, I thought so. And that's a good way of putting it. I've noticed you've been somewhat active on the forums recently. Do you still play BEO every now and then?
Ok so I thought about it and i decided to give it to one of my friends. My friend always wanted to have pro, packs, and shells. I think it would be a pretty good gift. Im sure that with the pandemic going on, he will be able to play quite a lot.
I've tried getting on a few times, but I'm starting to get these "problem with flash, please repair" messages. Makes it much more difficult (read as "nearly impossible") to play. I've always been patrolling the forums though, there just hasn't been much to police other than the spambots.

EDIT: There's no problem with flash, it's got the last update. This just makes me believe that anything flash related is well and truly dead.
Nice to see you again friend! We had some great memories years ago it's nice to look back at the good old days
@ Tenchi,

I'm not great with computers, but I got a new one and I needed to go to settings and allow flash to actually be used. And even then, it will warn me literally every time I use something that needs it and I will have to manually accept it. Not sure if that's similar to what's happening to you or not. But that sucks.

@ Albert

Hey, it's been a long while. And yeah, you too. I was so young and crazy back then, but they were simpler days. It is nice to look back on them.
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