Full Version: Amount of trolls ruining others fun is ridiculous.
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The amount of trolls ruining it for others is ridiculous.

Can anything be done against this?

For starters this guy named VAPENATION666 keeps teleporting to me and usual troll stuff like panning. I have screenshots of him doing it. He leaves after he dies.
He never says a word.
Just ruin it for everyone and leaves.
Trolling is part of the game, there's nothing against it meaning that even with names none of us can really do anything (unless they're being abusive in chat). People have been trolling each other since before the internet, having the web just makes it easier. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but that's the way it has always been and that's why there's no rules against it in any multiplayer game that has ever been made.

This brings me to the "mean comment" part of this reply:
If you can't handle a few trolls doing what trolls do best, then multiplayer games may not be for you.
trolling is fun and you are bound to run into people who do it in any online game. i suggest taking tenchi's advice, if you cant take a some little trolls having some fun find campaign based games : P
So you are telling me that 1 troll can ruin the fun for 5 other people, EVERY game and that we should accept this?

Is this the same reason we accept world hunger to which 3 million people die every year?

It just be like that?

This world makes less sense by the day. No, by the minute.

And by the way, logging onto multiple account to make you win is forbidden by the rules and is a perma ban.

But when you call it trolling and make your team lose it is suddenly okay?

Where is the logic in this?

It's easy to abuse systems and poor programming and decision making from the donkins that make this game so toxic and easy to troll for people who are frustrated or angry about their lives and project it on people that want to have fun.

So once more. Logging on multiple accounts is forbidden but if you call yourself a troll it's suddenly okay and you can let people win or lose to your liking, like some kind of God.

Is this the self moderating the Donkins had in mind?
Multiple accounts must be proven, just to stay within the game. There are also known work-arounds which I pm'd you about before having your reputation reset. One of them is not recommended, but it can definitely be done to have multiple legal accounts or to impersonate another player (I will admit that I have an account on the main site, one on Kongregate and a third for mobile, all perfectly following the rules).

The abuse of the reporting feature has long been known, but both the Donkins and the 3 of us moderators can't be on 24/7 or in every single game to provide complete moderation. The best choice is to have a feature that allows responsible players to assist/self-moderate. The report system was put in place for that reason and for the very same reason you made this thread: trolling. Just as another point you are trying to make about the game (and there's the logic).

As for the trolls themselves, yes we just have to accept that some people only find pleasure in ruining other people's fun. Is it fair, no, but that's the internet.

For the out of game things you mentioned, I would highly suggest speaking to politicians for crafting laws and statutes aimed at improving various aspects of society. With the world making less sense with each passing day, well, the world isn't the same way it was the previous day.

With the posting of this reply, I am closing the thread because you've had your issues addressed. If there is a specific issue you'd like to go into detail on without making a public argument, then feel free to pm BOTH Rob and myself and we can engage in a 3-way discussion as developer, moderator and player. If you feel that this entire situation is extremely in the wrong, do not wish to have an intellectual/informative conversation on the subject and can't stand the "toxicity", then please follow my previous post's advice.
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