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Why arent they adding new offer wall? The one theyre using has shut down, are they updating the game btw?
To answer the big questions, please look here, check this one, and this one for pretty much the rest of the questions you may have.
should be obvious when logs in and sees free kreds msg from 2018.
Quick question: is there a free credits giveaway on beo2 for 4th of July or not? I’ve seen a few forums replies but there are conflicting answers. Some people are saying there are 25 credits up for grabs and some say there are none. Anyone know and willing to clarify?

No, all free credit events have stopped. To be honest, they stopped a couple years ago. When they Donkins started work on the doomed BGO, they greatly reduced their presence and the frequency of updates to BEO2. Not long after that, because of the results of BGO, they had to completely stop development of BEO and that included the credit events. Couple that with the death of flash and an unreliable stream of new players and there's no possible way or need to continue the events (although you are still able to purchase credits, if I'm not mistaken).
ok thanks for the confirmation

I kinda find that negatively impacted the game since many people looked forward to these free credit events due to most of us players not wanting to spend money on in game currency. I have been saving up credits for a weapon pack and am at 25 right now and the credit giveaways are helpful to helping people get weapon packs and new skins and other stuff. Without that, many people won't be buying credits anyway, and the people who do buy will dominate, leading to less popularity of the game.

BEO2 will turn into a pay-to-win scenario.
Having played this for probably close to a decade, if not a little longer than that, I can promise that it's not p2w at all. Yes, I'll admit that the packs can give a slight advantage, but consider that the most common game winning/changing weapons all tend to be free (think big boom, DFA, triple X and mortar). I have both seen others win games using nothing but the free weapons and done it myself. The most important thing in BEO is and always has been familiarity with the weapons and the skills to use them to their greatest effectiveness. When you see nothing but x2 explosions and jump, it shows that the host doesn't know the weapons well enough to play from any position on any map. If any of the other veteran players were around, they'd confirm that you can win from the bottom of a hole at the base of a map using nothing but grenades. All it takes is that skill and experience to do these things, not the packs and those weapons. And again, the death of flash will reduce the number of players coming from any platform except for mobile. Meaning, the only ones with a decent reason to get packs at this point are the mobile players.
that depends with what is hit aka does pack owners have multiple meteors and/or elephants, on team match pack owners with multiple mets/eleps can be devastating (depending map). that driller is also popular among pro players.

pack owners are quite often easy to avoid by not going to pro matches and leaving lobbies where players have paid shells.

lowest pack/s owner I have seen was lvl 5, expected easy match as a guest but no.
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