Full Version: [DEW™] Clan INFORMATION
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>>>> swagchicken<<<<
This liar is not in our clan.
I am asking all players to report this player if he will use ours TAG clan!!!!
How am i faking if 3KOZz said i could put it?
Wasn't DEW dead from 6 years ago?
theres only 4 active members
I dont know but I took it off of mine. I dont want any problems with anyone. In my case 3KOZz didnt really tell me i can join he just said fine.
More importantly, and this is why I closed the thread, there's already a DEW clan thread where you can post this exact same situation. Granted, the clans aren't as active as they were before, the rules wouldn't have changed. This means 1 clan, 1 thread.
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