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I found recently the beo screenshots folder on my computer, and so many good times came across my mind. I missed the game and today I played some games, some with LG and wind (I suck at it now, but meh), and there was a spanish guy I talked with for a few ones. He told me that those settings are boring, it doesn't make sense because you need 30 min to end the game and you doesn't earn any XP etc.

Then I remembered the old times (for me old times is right there in 2015 Smiley_XD) when, been playing for already one year, met someone (he will know he is Smiley_Wink) who teached me my first steps in "hard" modes (those mentioned above). It was amazing to find something as challenging, I loved it. I brought it to our clan where most people also loved it, we had lots of fun playing together and trying to be better every day. I also found recently the beo screenshots folder on my computer, and so many good times came across my mind...

I was just wondering how your first games in that "uncommon" settings was, I mean, when you started to play those seriously. I whish some of the old people who used to be very active on forums are still here... are you?
Can't say I ever left the forums, but work got busy and the game (which everyone just lost, you all know what I mean) fell to the side. But it was getting tiresome, the complaining about NOT having x2 explosions and jump...what we can all refer to as the "i have no skill, i'm a total noob" settings (seriously, you need absolutely 0 skill and you can still hit someone).
Back in like, 2012, I joined Cheatyface's lobby in BEO1 out of sheer curiosity after seeing his lobby with that unknown light blue icon, indicating that wind was on. I was greeted by this kind yet strange korean dude Xerano whom asked me if I could defeat Cheatyface, to which I naively answered ''I don't know why? is he good?''. They then proceeded to massacre me and every single blueberry that joined the lobby for the next hour. I realised that nobody was ever going to beat him because nobody had put attention to that extra PRO setting, wind, that only him and Xerano were playing back in the day. Literally, before him there were no lobbies with the mode activated. After the day I met them I thought that if I could copy their patterns (which I kind of learned by playing with them for hours) and get good with wind, I would be able to pretty much farm my KD and Win% stats. And I succeeded, and for a brief time I became almost unbeatable in the game, which led to various bonuses like becoming popular and getting into the XP leaderboard without even trying because people just couldn't beat me, but little did I know that was going to be the beginning of a whole new era that separated the ''casual players'' from ''the elite tryhards'', so to speak.

Cheatyface DID manipulate the game (aka cheat), but in core the reason why he was unbeatable was simply becuase nobody had learned to play with wind. Not long after our first meeting I became skillful enough in said mode to eventually beat him and gain access to his clan, and in no time after that there were others whom could defeat him as well, marking the end of his reign and the beginning of a new, more prolific era with players further improving the tactics and game awarness in general that became what we later knew as BEO2's standard, high-skilled meta.

Quote:...and the game (which everyone just lost, you all know what I mean)

Lies, I did no such thing. It was all in the slide rule.
Definitely dropped some cold, hard truths on this thread! Played just about every game mode with just about every hardcore player there was to offer back in the young days. LG and Wind days were the best imo, I still go back sometimes to my old youtube archives just to relive some of those moments for the laughs. I'd love to go and tackle down a couple more games for old times sake, haha!

Good to see Cheaterface back as well!
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