Full Version: this guy reports me on multiple account so I can't talk
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Hello everyone!

This guy keeps reporting me on multiple accounts so I went from positive 10 reputation to -10 reputation in 1 hour.

He does it on multiple accounts so it's impossible to pinpoint who it is.

Can you please restore my positive reputation so I can talk again with my team?

This is a very stupid and broken mechanic only uses by abusers.
I don't understand why the Donkins would implement such a broken feature.

I just bought a new map pack yesterday to provide more fun for the community and this is what I get.

Children that can not handle a loss.
Who's "this guy"?

Not to call you a liar but I don't believe people is bored enough to do what you say...
My friend silverio has the same issue

Its most likely deeznutzzzzzzzzz using his other account lordnutz with abfew others
I am still muted and still can not talk to my friends.

I am seeing more and more high levels with -10 reputation that I know from years ago and they
have always behaved cool. They are an addition to this community and for their effort they get their right to communicate taken away by some frustrated people.

If anyone loses to you they can report you 20 times and you will be muted for 3 weeks.

I wonder how many people are muted right now because of this easy to abuse system.
I wonder how many people quit out of frustration because of this injustice.

This is so wrong. Nobody seems to care or do anything.
Still -10 reputation.

Can't talk to my friends. Getting depressed here.
Can't go outside.

No parties, everything closed. Muted on bad eggs 2.

Can someone help me please?
There is not a lot of socializing besides gaming for me right now.
If you're in a clan or play with the same people, discords are always great places to use. You could also open up a window to a site that has a dedicated chat server (such as Kongregate), start any game and just chat in there while playing. This doesn't work so well if it's randoms, though, and I admit that. At the same time, you aren't muted for 3 weeks, it's only 10-11 days assuming that you don't get reported again in that time.
I earned one reputation yesterday but today I started at -10 again.
I also sent both the Donkins a mesagge but to no avail.
I keep losing reputation to someone that keeps harassing me.
The person also uses an account on my team to harras me ingame. Mudbombing, panning me etc.

I just bought pro and a map pack this week and I haven't been able to talk to anyone.

THis is quite a lonely week in corona lockdown for me Smiley_Sad
Rob Donkin sent me a message a few days ago but nothing has changed.
There are many people who do that. If you want my advice just join 1v1s of people you know arent like that. I have stayed with 2 rep cause everyday that same person manages to join my 1v1 when im looking at the monthly LB and he reports me. Then i realize and i leave then he joins but i leave again and on and on until he gives up.
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