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ok apperently my post didnt.. post so ima write this up again. I know the devs had a bad experience on steam but releasing bad eggs on steam would be much different, they have the game, all the have to do is port it on steam and make it free to play. New players will come in and the game will blow up like it hasnt in years, people will come into the game purchase credit for skins, weapons, and pass and other stuff and with the new money the devs would probably wanna focus their attention on this game itll be a win win for the devs and the players. please devs, we all know bad eggs is your best project, dont let it die out
The reason that BG failed is because there was no way to put it online (reasonably). It was coded differently than any of their other games and was only ever going to be a steam release because of the amount of resources needed to create the flash version. As I said in my reply to your other post about bringing the game back to life, the format known as flash is officially dead. There are no more flash updates, you can't download any safe versions and downloading other versions will always carry more risk. The best thing we can do is to wait for something new from the Donkins (possibly a game made with Unity or some other, similar product).
im aware of this, hence why the devs should port this game to make it accessible on the steam store. My point is bringing this game back and having this fan base grow, this can only be done on steam at this point. And from past history its pretty clear that when they stray away from the bad eggs series, the games end up dying faster than they should. Im baffled why they decided to just leave the game to rot
Also won't happen, I've asked them before about a similar thing for BG. Because it would take a near-complete re-write of the codes, there is no way that BEO will make it to Steam. As for the fact that updates have stopped coming, this was addressed by the Donkins themselves. They have been taking on other work to pay the bills and build up their funding so that they will have the future ability to create new games.

So, as a final nail in this coffin, neither BG or BEO will be revived either online or in Steam because of outdated formatting (online with flash) or limited accessability (Steam as everyone needs to create an account before downloading). Rob and John may have something in the works, but until they have the resources and/or knowledge and skills to create something that they believe meets their standards, we will not be seeing a new game from them.
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