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Hey guys. Finally made a thread where you can put your 1v1 matches in here like your wins. Anyways let me start.

[Image: 3bAOef7.png]

Was a close match after Sensei beat me 2 times. Was 22-0.
it wasnt close i miss my 3 turns because of lag ;D my modem was acting up
you also said ,it wasnt your fair win ;D
Yeah that's why I skipped most of my turns Smiley_XD But you deserve the win anyways.
OK guys this is a nice thread to grow the competitive spirit, but please don't start fighting OK? Everybody can post but remember this points:

1. Don't try to make others feel down; everybody lose and win.
2. You can show off but keep it in a respectful level.
3. Don't forget this is a game and it has nothing to do with our human quality.
4. Be respectful.

Every post that fails to follow our standars will be deleted. If any user insists being rude will be warned. Everything goes with the general rules.
[Image: kd4jo7.jpg]

[Image: wrxlae.jpg]

[Image: 1zd5hw.jpg]
(01-05-2014 08:08 PM)Meir Wrote: [ -> ][Image: kd4jo7.jpg]

[Image: wrxlae.jpg]

[Image: 1zd5hw.jpg]

Sensei is a good player, sometimes he beat me the same as I did, so don't let the screenshot to confuse you.

Smiley_XD I remember when I was that level Smiley_BigGrin
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