Full Version: this guy is so mad
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i joined a game as a guest and saw this guy being so rude cuz i couldn't shoot Smiley_Shake

Next time, please just send the screenshots with this kind of language to a dev or mod.

pls dont be like him
All this happened because you are too weak.
Dont try to change someone else,you need to improve in order to earn respect from this kind of people
The weak die and the strong survive thats the law of the jungle
That's such an old bug. Honestly, I wouldn't pay him much attention. Instead, you should send future screenshots like that to myself, grim-cat (since he's kinda back) or the Donkins so that we can keep eyes out for this kind of behavior.
Can confirm I have been logging into the game often enough to be worth showing me these screenshots so I can help Tenchi watch out for trolls/griefers.
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