Full Version: Getting reported and harassed for nothing!
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Hello, i am new here and this forum is really nice and a lot of cool peoples in it! Smiley_Smile

Sadly the reality within the games is different! And i want to talk about it.
I am constantly harassed and reported by different people here on beo2. For the most part I don't think much about it, but some are worse then others. These others are notorious reporters, who may not like me, because we might disagree or had a lil dispute in the past.

But I'm still bothered by this one person, whose name is "MirabelleSWE" here on Beo2. Same person has extra account, he or she told me, named "littlemira, with also is used to terrorise ppl.
But what makes it worse is, that he or she s friends are into this campaign too, making it even more irritating/annoying.

My question is: Is there a way to ban his or hers chat possibilities or give her a warning somehow, on such a behave?

Kindly regards, satisfied Beo2 playerSmiley_Smile
I have done what I could when I last saw her. Beyond that, the only ones who can act on a players privileges and account(s) are the Donkins provided that you can submit enough evidence (screenshots in case of harassment, videos for hacking) to warrant their intervention.

I hope this helps, and I do what I can, when I'm online, to prevent these kinds of situations.
I can very well understand that.Now i got what i needed that can help me and thanks for fast response and helping me out Smiley_Smile
I recently got reported again twice, by "ItGoesln" just in a few days between. He is some what on a crusade upon me, for a reason i dont know. I can prove nothing, but ill try to sample evidence as time goes by.
I got reported for nothing again twice today, once by ItGoesln and one stranger! This lil prick is on a savage tour upon me, together with some others. I only need proof.
How can u get reported twice by same person? Hacks?This is a question for Tenchi.
I hope u can ban or do something about ItGoesln, who has accounts like; Sory,Ninga10,Star137. I got some photo proofs, but i want a moderator decision first! Im tired to play Beo2 and get harassed for nothing.
There's not much we can do as moderators to those players abusing the report feature, that's something only the developers can manage so if you're sure you have convincing proof of that I suggest you to message Rob Donkin or John Donkin showing them your proof and hopefully they'll deal with your situation properly.

I'd also suggest you to create lobbies for positive rep only so you have better chances at avoiding those griefers. Also, report them yourself, if they're really trolls they're likely going to have negative rep.
No need to name and shame

The same person is probably also using programming and/or hacks/codes to manipulate report button and games regardlessly, which he is known for to abuse heavily.

Like he did to me, he do to others. Just coming by to report people and then leave, often several times in one day. People find him being a severe rude troll, including me. So watch out next time u play with him, guys and girls.

If u see this guy or have any suspicion being him, then please report him.

Have a wonderful daySmiley_Smile
As I usually say in these kinds of situations, there's no need to publicize the accounts involved in alleged hacking or rules violations.

What you need to do, in this order, is:
1. Get proof.
You have proof, then we can do something about it. The evidence can be pictures (chat related behavior) or videos (pretty much everything else).
2. Report it to us.
The "us" meaning the Donkins (shared accounts and hacking or account recovery) or a moderator (chat behaviors). When you message us on here, privately of course, please make sure to include the evidence.
3. Be patient.
We don't live in the game and everyone has other responsibilities they need to take care of in the real world. We try to be as prompt in dealing with things as possible, but it still could be a day or two before we actually have a chance to deal with it.
4. Respect the choices we make.
You may or may not like the results, but please remember that we have to weigh our actions to what the person does. I, myself, will give 2 warnings before removing a person's chat (in most situations).
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