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Although I don't care what ads google brings while I play game (mostly World of tanks etc ads) but women underwear ads are quite unusual and today google showed japanese comics ads (not really adult comics but close by so not actually for all ages).

This browser is used only for playing BEO so its not browsing history/cookies.
I'd suggest getting an ad blocker or using the .SWF to log in and play. Either one of those takes care of the possibility of unsavory/non-PG ads from showing up.
I try to keep 1 browser (besides Edge) adblock free since some sites don't rly work even with abp disabled.

I was thinking younger players not myself since those play at school and there might not be adblocker installed.
Call me insensitive or old-fashioned, but if you're caught playing at school and these ads are on screen, then you kinda deserve it imho. After school waiting for a bus or ride, fine, go ahead and play, but if you're playing and then "gotta go to my next class" or "teacher's coming" and get caught playing, then that's on you.

That said, I'm teaching in China and I have taken students' phones away for chatting with friends, trying to listen to music and or playing games/watching videos. So, admittedly, I'm going to be a bit biased on this subject; however, for the personal use, at home browsers, I would definitely suggest using the .SWF to login and play (you get a bigger game screen and can see the dots on the edges of the map).
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