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Fellow eggs,

I'm Desrek, and along with Cammyhammyha and Dungchute, I have founded the SHAT clan.

SHAT can be an acronym if you want it to be, but it means something very important to us. SHAT is love, SHAT is life.

We get paid to play Bad Eggs so we take this game very seriously. Anyone looking to join SHAT must take part in an intense initiation process, details of which will be given upon request.

We believe in education, free speech and world peace. We pledge to rid this game of fake FaZe members, annoying kids who say "no u" or "oof" whenever anything happens, and people who join lobbies and leave before the game starts.

If you are lucky enough to join SHAT you will be part of an exclusive club. Not all eggs are made equal, so we will not accept any slackers.

Peace out.
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