Full Version: favorite weapons?
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what are your favorite weapons for this game? mine is the good old boot. it does quite a bit of damage.
Nice bro, mine is the ice dragon! Smiley_Smile
dfa but I rarely get it and that easter weapon is nice too except when is at receiving end.
Oh man I hate the Death From Above weapon so much, it's such an easy 45 damage and requires no skill. But aye nice egg666! No hate to you my friend Smiley_Smile
I like the plasma cannon.
I love plasma cannon as well, but I still use Death From Above Smiley_BigGrin Lack of skills makes it easier for me to use this weapon. Sorry for being newbie Smiley_BigGrin
A grenade will never steer you wrong ! Smiley_RockOn
plasma cannon is good. Smiley_BigGrin
rasberry is nice too but usable only occasionally and reqs skill to use it and many who use it lack that.
From starter weps: Dynamite, huge splash dmg.

From unlockable weps: Vortex equaliser, I love that sound.

From pack weps: any with status effects, so tactical.
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