Full Version: Stash Weapons
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How about creating time periods that we can use up our stash weapons (the weapons won from spinning the wheel) quicker.

I'm sitting on a lot of these types of weapons (like many players) and will never be able to use them all with the waiting periods involved.

Could there be weekly or monthly time periods where waiting times are less? Smiley_ThumbsUp
I had a large cache of them myself. You can use them up, it just takes some patience and some time to play.
I'll be half way into the the grave by the time I can use mine up.
There've been a lot of suggestions made to try to improve/change the stash weapons, including a trade-in option (5 of 1 weapon would let you get 1 of the next tier)! However, as the game has left active development (although I do hope that Rob and John might bring it back into active development in the future), this is unlikely to be considered.
(03-23-2019 07:42 AM)egg.streme Wrote: [ -> ]I'll be half way into the the grave by the time I can use mine up.

I'll be a full way into the grave before I bother to use them all up.
i rarely use stash weapons so yea grave will come 1st.
Had a ton, like 8-9 of some of them. Got rid of all of it about 18 months ago and only have a couple from spins every now and again.
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