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You should make a Gecko skin that looks like a GECHO and and kind of changes colour to look like the background. Not so it is invisible, but so that it looks cool. This should make a good skin and I'd recommend 100-500 credits for this ;p
500 creds? you are out of your mind.

besides this isn't on development anymore so no new shells etc.
100-500 credits for a gecko or 1000 credits for a black dragon
I fully support this idea! I'm actually quite surprised we've never had a shell similar to this before!
I think that, for the coloring itself, it would almost have to be an outline with regular eyes and mouth to be effective and not distort the background too much. At the same time, this skin (both my thoughts and the original suggestion) would be very similar to "Mr. Invisible" when put into practice. The big difference between them: Invisible wears clothes.

Even at that, 100 would be way too much for JUST a shell, even one that's almost completely invisible. The dragons, by comparison, come with weapons to justify the larger cost. Even further justification comes in that they, along with a few other shells, have animations to boost the price further.

At the end of the day, though, there most likely won't be anything added to the game unless Rob and John decide to resume active development.
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