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Welcome to the Optical Termination Network official clan page!!Smiley_DevilSmiley_Devil


[Image: 2mex0t0.jpg]

Founder: XxRedSkullAK47xX

Leader: XxKingMills18xX

Co-Leaders: motokid5<>.rich.the.kid

Moderators: cambumbo009<>immortal-_-hell

Commanders: masterbosspro<>lastking1574

General: Eggleston

O†n Main Line-Up: kingjames16<>xxbeast_girl_xx<> blackars<>Gstaff<>CheekClapper1

Members: AUSTINJONES<>siresmerph<>LukeChicken<>

Artists: RobertGdel<>Gstaff

Photographers: XxRedSkullAK47xX<>Lone_Wolf2826

Guests Of Honor(OG, Inactive, and Former Members): funkyFLAME<>carriedavenport<>34325<>cheesemcgriddle<>perruno<>
toogood for you<>mr.beanhead(luic)<>khalifa

Banned List: kingjordon123<>kingmunoz<>ItzMichael(changed clan tag without permission/spammed the group chat)

Kicked List: wraXhunter<>SoulWave<>Greenberg<>Kevin0123<>
luis1345937<>skrill420(notified the higher officials that they were departing the clan)

[Image: 2mwca2v.jpg][Image: 2mwca2v.jpg][Image: 2mwca2v.jpg]

Requirements To Join:

1. Must be at least prestige 1
2. Must have at least two packs
3. Must have experience/ability to play on wind, grav(low and random), and other pro settings
4. Must prove your worthiness, loyalty, and potential to clan before joining
5. Must download discord and join our group chat server(the recruiter or high official will send you the clan chat link and clan tag in pm)
For more info on clan rules, jobs, and roles please pm me on the discord app @RedSkull#5819.

[Image: 9kqhhu.jpg]

Exitos para tu clan
Successes for your clan
Gracias bro.....Buena suerte a ti también!
Good luck to you as well!
hey Este clan hace guerras? me gustaria hacer una guerra con ustedes

si deciden que si por favor escríbanme un correo electrónico a personal information
ok lo veré
Welcome our newest members: Elpapi,
Davone, LastKing1574, Mr.Skittlz, nano1234, and Triller!! Hope you all enjoy your stay!!
Welcome to the clan Kenzo22. Do your best and show us what you got.

Please welcome the new commander of O†n Jap12!! Glad to have you a part of the family bro!
We have officially declared a one week recruitment break due to the noticable incline of members over the past few days so our clan will remain closed until next weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.Smiley_RockOn

Clan Art For The Day:

[Image: 66bzh5.jpg]

-Credits go to Gstaff for the artwork
Say hello to B-dog23(former member of IAM™). Enjoy your stay with us m8.
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