Full Version: press Ctrl and W
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seems players are still using this lame trick as yesterday was in a game with this player who kept using it saying it would give you weapons then calling me a noob for not trying it and would not even take no for an answer
That's a pretty standard part of any realtime game at this point. People will always think they are clever and funny using that one, unfortunately some do not take no for an answer
i get that quite a much when i play as a guest and occasionally when as registered (lvl 99 accounts).
i fell for it too. i was lvl 4 and some edgy moms credit card cutter told me press ctrl w for weapons. me being the dumb newbie that i am i did it. Smiley_Crying
rip lol
People are kinda dumb for still using this old trick almost everyone knows what it does. I have seen lvl 99 players use it in 2v2 and 3v3 when the get paired up with a "noob."
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