Full Version: S†R™ Official Clan Thread
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I know i have (WoA™) i tried changing it but it stayed the same i don't know if it bugged out but oh well hope you all understand.

Hello we are S†R™ meaning Sacrifice the Rest. As some of you might know we are good active players currently looking forward to make the clan grow. We hope you join us and have fun aswell have respect and loyalty towards the clan and members. Thanks for checking out our thread if you would like to join let me know!

1.Respect one another.
2.Be active.
3.Stay loyal to the clan.

-Prestiege 3+
-Mastered low gravity or wind
-Have discord in order to join our clan chat

-Toogood for you

-Available space


-Available space

-Available space
I'm looking for a clan
Do you fit in with every requirement?

(Sorry for the late reply i been busy)
Can I join? I meet the requirements
i hate it.
ft_dylan do you have discord bro?

Type_A_Message we dont care.
Yes, I will pm you my discord name
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