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This only happends if I bump into said player in a game lobby and throughout the game he will call me a pathetic noob and loser I have tried muting him but this goes on randomly is there still a way to report said player
yes in lobby by clicking that middle button.
If you mute him, you should not continue to see his messages. Muting is the best strategy for people who are saying mean things.

Low level players cannot report other players. If you are under Level 50, or have prestiged and have not reached Level 50 again in your new prestige, the report button will not appear for you. All reporting does is cause a player to lose 1 rep.
Honest question - is there anyone to send legit reports of inappropriate behaviors to at this point?

p.s. ahoy Nilla!
I'm still around.
Well that's good to know.
he might be or might be not.
(01-16-2019 04:07 AM)egg666 Wrote: [ -> ]he might be or might be not.

Just because you don't see me, doesn't mean that I'm not there. Smiley_Tongue
you don't exist.
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