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Hello I have new idea for clans leaders.
My idea is that the founder of each clan can only accept and invite new players to the clan because me as the founder of the clan bothers me that anyone can enter to my clan and spoil the reputation of the clan.

Please Rob & John Donkin do this as soon as possible because it also begins to annoy players from my clan.

Once I saw a player of level 5 which has the same clan as me but I as the founder did not invite him. I asked him to leave the clan but he then began to swear at me.

Please leave a comment and leaders of clans try support me because I know that you have the same problem thanks. Smiley_Smile
This was suggested many times since the first day of the game release, but I agree.
I support it, it's very annoying when someone take your clan name, but isn't in a clan.

My suggestion and supplication is make something like "accept/decline by leader", player who wants to join the clan sends an request to leader and leader accept this or decline. Leader has full control over it's members and no mess.

In addition to this could use to be able to kick players if you don't want to have someone.

Of course it's only my suggestion, it may be resolved differently Smiley_Smile
There have been tons of posts regarding this subject.

I agree with the ideas but we do not need more threads about this.
Yes, okay, but subject stay, and the people who depends on clan must be faced with the problem fake clan players every day
Indeed it is, but must the same ideas be discussed over and over again? Be original thats all i ask for.
Shared account, me, and a bunch of people suggested, but I agree because noobs are being in the clan that they are not on.
other topics like this were made. but I support our idea.
I didnt know there were other topics just like this.. This is the first time ive seen this suggestion before though.... I love the idea.. Was everyone thinking that somehow the player would get a specific code from the leader (different code for everyone so members cant share the code with just anyone) and the leader can put in or take out someone from the clan whenever they want.. And if someone if allowed to rejoin after being released from the clan they obviously get a new code to put in to join the clan. Do you understand what i mean?
yes I understand what you meanSmiley_Smile
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