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twice I have tried to get kill with chain gun and twice I have got lagged (full red timer) and after opponent's turn (full red timer too) I get msg saying I lost connection.

and before some smarta** says its my connection I say it isn't.
I only lagged yesterday not today though
make that 3 out of 3.

this feels like in BEO1 when I started to getting booted after whirly-shot.

atm it lookslike that there'll be few badges I won't get (outside prestige-badges).
I understand you completely. Lags are what are killing me right now.
got kill with chaingun, although when used shotgun on prev. round game was "thinking" a while until decided to deal damage to opponent. didn't use chaingun afterwards.
another lost connection after shooting with chain gun, everything was fine when I shot with multimissile but after changing to cg opponent got only 2 damage and after his/her shot I got booted (lost connection to game).
This happend to me on my old computer, I have a new laptop now. Tell me the model of your computer and i'll tell you the speed. Trust me. I know a lot. Only few computers can withstand chaingun.
my computer is self made, intel core2quad, 4 GB memory and Radeon HD 4870 so it shouldn't be due my comp is sucky unless BEO2 reqs are corei7 with 8 GB memory.
The memory is not the problem ofc, but that is a sucky model. It's probably your computer sorry to say this but you should save for a Windows 8 Pavilion g7.
not sucky since it can run Doom3 and FarCry1 with full effects on and those are more demanding games than BEO2.
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