Full Version: Kick Option for Room Creators
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Can we add an option called "Kick Player"? Smiley_BigGrin
When you create a room you can choose and click on the player you want to kick, then click "Kick This Player".

I really want this option because when I meet rude people, they always swear and be mean at me when I play with them, and when the game ends they stay in my room so I can't kick them.

I really want kicking to be added so it will be really easier to kick rude & mean people
It won't get added for 2 reasons.

The first: BEO is no longer in development. The only things being added to the game are occasional bug fixes as the Donkins have shifted almost all of their focus to the new game.

The second reason this won't happen is actually very similar to your reason for wanting it. If the host has the option to kick, then it means that those "mean and rude" people could kick out the low level players for "pro only" lobbies. Then, the low leveled players could kick out the high level players because "they're too good and can't be beaten". From there, it gets to be that everyone kicks everyone else for whatever reason (the above reasons or they just don't like the other person or people) and it makes the job of moderating much more difficult because of that. They'd even be able to kick me just because I'm a moderator.
kicking players away has been suggested many times and it hasn't been added cause it'd be abused.
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