Full Version: Rage Quitters
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To all you rage quitters

I know that most of you who play this game are kids ( I am not)
So many of you quit after your 1st shot does not make a hit or it looks like you will lose. Despite what your parents have told you , you are not special and will not win every time. When you are out of school and dealing with life it will become very apparent. So..learn to fail or lose with dignity it will serve you well in life as well as build some character. PLay to the end of the game even if your losing bad , just think of it as training-practice and to those of you who currently do ..WELL DONE
some quit w/o firing single shot.
Yes you have that right They realize they might not win so they leave
I have had many opponents who quit before firing single shot and if they start and quit before 2nd round and I can't dmg chicken due reason or other then I'm stuck on eternal celebrating of victory until another player joins match.
Yes Ive been stuck waiting for the quitters countdown. I have quit the games in frustration, but then I lose rep points. My brother informs me that if you refresh the page it doesn't count as a quit. Maybe that what all the chickens do to keep rep points
it prolly adds extra deaths later.
lol they quit just becouse all they want is to team on one player and just to prove a point they kill the player that's being teamed on then quit
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