Full Version: Hello!
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was scrolling through my email when i saw beo2 stuff for this game.

just wanted to check out how the forum's been Smiley_BigGrin
Hi. The forum's been alright. A little inactive. There's a new game out by the Donkin's as well.
The forum is on its last leg, but somehow surviving. I wouldn't be surprised if the new game's forum, when it comes out, finishes this one off.
I don't know if there will be a new forum for the game. People are just using a discussion area on steam as substitute for a broken ground forum right now.
There's a discord group chat for Broken Grounds, you can PM Rob and/or John Donkin for the link, that's basically a "forum" for BG, as of now.
I loooove this game so much! It's so competitive and fun. I'm at prestige 10, getting close to level 99! Bad Eggs Online 2 is my new favorite mobile game! Thanks for making such fun games Bad Viking!
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