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Not done!
I've been clickbaited.
Come on now...if you make a thread, make sure there's something on it! Smiley_Sad
Yeah didn't feel like making a thread. I probably will soon, just haven't had the time!
well that's an hour reading time wasted
I don't think players will want to join a clan where their leader loses a game and white flags.
CG nobody likes you, I have members I dont flag so shut up and removed

Considering I beat your ass like 5 times yeah dont talk LOL

Plus my clan is up on Discord its not on the Forum so I have everything set up so guess again CG LOL

Oh no, I'm so sad over what you have to say, cackling.
Now you look like a liar and a rage quitter.
Walk it like you talk it Smiley_RockOn
lowkey true none likes u cg u beefin with everyone lmao
also arent u supposed to be like 18+?do sum wit yo life instead of roastin kids in a dead game where your character is an egg lmao
Oh no, another kid who's opinion doesn't matter lolllll. You guys are beefing with yourselves, I serve receipts Smiley_Trollface
It's cute you worry about me and my age. God bless you bebe
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