Full Version: New player and new Weapon
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Hello guys , i want to make shell Rubik (it cost 800) with weapon Rubik's Cube (-It deals 63 damage in normal mode)
(-It deals 77 damage in skill shot mode)
So , 6 times (First deals with fire) - 9 damage
(Second deals with poison) - 9 damage
(Third deals with ice) - 9 damage
(4th deals with lifesteal) - 9 damage , 5 heal
(5th deals 2x Damage) - 18 damage
(6th deals 9 damage and like Roadblock ) - 9 damage + Jailed like RoadBlock

You get 63 damage and 5 heal and !(You get 1 time this weapon for 5 rounds) , isn't from stash and i hope you like it .
I want messages... no inactivity topic please
This is OP, like way OP. The most a single weapon currently does under normal conditions is around 50 damage. This, you say, does 63, plus 15 for fire, plus 12 for poison for a grand total of 90 damage to one person. Even if BEO was still under active development with new content, this kind of weapon would never be added in because of how unbalanced it makes everything.

Just for comparison:
DFA - 45
Triple X - 36
Mortar - 46
Side winder - 50
and finally, Whirlygig - 50

Those are already in game and freely available where yours is premium. Not even weapons in the packs or other weapon/shell combos even remotely come this close to pay-to-win levels. While the thought is appreciated, this weapon is not something that could ever possibly be added to a free-for-all-anyone-can-win type of game.
Ok , its sound op , But , i want 100 weapons Smiley_Tongue
Hey , i got an ideea

The weapon is called black hole ... Is likely mass teleport .This doesn't does damage but does fire and poison , and 10 heal to teammate (fire is 15 damage + poison is 12 damage + heal = 27 damage to all enemies and 10 heal to all teammates)

If you don't like this weapon
Look at MiniGun weapon

MiniGun had 6 mini-projectiles and an big projectile
1 mini-projectile does 5 damage
6x 5 = 30 damage
1 projectile does 10 damage + fire
30 + 10 + 15 = 55 damage
existing healing already makes game more or less unbalanced since if 1 side have multiple heal potions then other side spends time to reduce healing effects instead lowering other side's players hp and your suggestion deals near 30% dmg of max health to opponents and gives more health to own team.

most 30-36 dmg weapons need to be fired close to opponent to deal max dmg or do skillshot with right angle and power (not possible with chain gun) to deal max dmg and mortar and whirly are almost same except those need to be fired far from opponent with full power or closer with right power and angle and even skilled players fail on skillshots.
Oh hell no! This is OP! The total damage must to be 50 HP or lower.
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