Full Version: Getting Fungus
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Hello Guys , I want to get Fungus for free .Suggestion: Type "Fungus" on Game Friend, u will get a mission to kill 10 eggs. They will respawn with a random skin on Mushroom map .But you have 3 Toxic ToadStool ; 5 Rasberry and 2 Grapes of Wrath . And then you will get Fungus

If you fail , you can try again Smiley_Wink
No, mini...

The reason for purchasing things is to support game development and to help cover server costs. The inclusion of free stuff beyond the initial shells and the badges is just the Donkins' way of saying "thanks for playing". In a way, this is similar to asking for more free credits to buy the shells. Those events don't have to be included, but they are there, as I said, to thank us for playing.
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