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If the game was more complicated than "aim-and-shoot", I would agree with you, but there are a lot of problems with this.

The first thing is that it is a relatively straightforward game. The hardest parts are just adjusting to the pro settings, which not every lobby has. Next is the idea of level rooms. Initially, you're saying that if you go above a certain level or prestige, you can't play. That's unfair on many levels and I'm sure you're saying "that's not what I meant", but that's what it says. You also have to include the fact that many people will play with friends and/or clan members, which means that you end up saying that making teams is generally unacceptable in a team-based game.

I say that any player can be beat at any time because all level and prestige means is that you've invested time in this game. The people who are late to the party get upset that people are higher levels than they are and say "Oh, you're a P__, you have no life" or you get the opposite of "You're a P__ and you can't even use that weapon? NOOB!" Limiting people based on level has been suggested before, and the same reasons came up: you make the game exclusive of many people and you tell others that they aren't good enough to play with the high leveled/ranked people. Not to mention the fact that moderating becomes impossible if I can't get into any games above or below my own prestige.
You are completely right, I honestly didn't think of it that way. I guess I was just thinking about all the other games I've played, how they were all divided by league, level..etc, and just wasn't thinking properly. I do also agree with your post that prestige and level is basically just an indicator of how long you've played the game. Apologies for any offense caused.

Thanks for you reply.
I think they should change the way lvl's work because if your a low rank then the higher rank people just reck you because they have unlocked more wepons.
(08-17-2017 05:35 AM)Cam247 Wrote: [ -> ]I think they should change the way lvl's work because if your a low rank then the higher rank people just reck you because they have unlocked more wepons.

Level really only means you spent time on the game. I've been beaten with tactics like hiding and piling, as have many other high-level players. It really isn't about the weapons.
yea lvl 99 can have same weapons as lvl 20 has even higher lvl has unlocked more weapons so then its skill and luck which wins (I lost to once lvl 20 player cause he got luckier with that easter weapon and based on how match went we both had same weapons (atleast we used same weapons)).

also guest can beat high lvl player if has been practicing with mortar to learn how to deal max damage from various distances and positions (lost couple matches to same guest cause that lucky player always started and had mortars everytime).
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