Full Version: New Weapon
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I have a suggestion for a new weapon! The new "weapon" should be that you spawn another version of yourself or something like that, that has like 50 health or something, this will make the game more interesting because that weapon could change a lot in the game
Ok, I'll bite.

How exactly would this work? When could it be used? Would it be a stash weapon or a regular/pack weapon? Would it be anything like the ghost on pumpkin map?

Anyone got any other questions to add?
How would it effect the opponents? Like if it accidently hit an opponent would they get a clone of themselves or
would they get 50 damage? Or your teammate, if they got accidently hit by it, would they then have a clone too?
would that clone be controlled by player aka it could shoot (even if just basic weapons) etc? if so then 1 vs 1 matches would become 2 vs 1.
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