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Hi, sorry for my english, when i try to log with facebook, the confirmation button dont appear so i cant play since near 2 weeks. i tried to reinstall and erase cache, data,etc without results. what i can do?
wheres the removed button............
No swearing on the forums. You've been warned.
tenchi, it looks like you have your work cut out from patrolling the forum. Thanks for keeping the forum up to date
LOL, great forum, the only answers i receive about my problem its a warning and a congratulation to the guy has warned me

Someone can help me?

Or i need to leave this game because i cant login?
I mean, he most likely spends more time enforcing the rules then helping others. He probably can't even answer your question. "wheres the removed button?" I have no clue what word fits there.

And at a time like this, with the game at an all time record low, your best bet is to message the Developers.
Neither do i Peter
the button is indeed missing... What if he is talking about the skip button? I can't know that he is not and I'll have to trust the moderators conscious? What if it's something relevant?
Plus, what's the point of having an open forum if you can edit out things...
I know you are doing your job, but I also know I want to help this guy out (and he said he had poor english) and because he doesn't probably get the real weight of the word (what ever word) you warn him and didn't even try to help him.
Swearing is not allowed on the forums, that's what was edited out. He's asking where the Facebook login button is and I indeed can't answer it as I haven't ever used or noticed it as I'm in China where FB is banned.
If he is on pc or phone the only place I know were, the Facebook button is on phone it's next to were you play as a guest here, I will show a sceeen shot it's on the the right or left side of the screen next to the play as a guest button logo
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