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there's a lot of hispanic players, why not add the language symbols?, also, support for all languages cuz a flag badge is not enough
that would be hard to do, that would be a lot of work because there is a ton of languages to add. (good idea tho)

Spoiler :
Basically, if you can read that, then I don't need to explain further. If you can't, which I assume is the case, then there's no possible way that we could add any other kind of language support for this (or any other) Bad Viking game. If you want to add languages, then you need mods who can accurately and correctly interpret what people are actually saying. Telling us to use things like google translate won't provide all the necessary information for mods to do their jobs. For example "play the trumpet", in Chinese, doesn't actually mean "play the trumpet"; the slang meaning is rather vulgar and cannot be put on the forums.
I'll point out that 95% of the Spanish speakers I meet in-game are quite rude.
It's funny — since I use English in chat, they have no idea I can read what they say perfectly.
If it's really is that hard, well, forget about it. I tought it was possible since other games (like OSU!) i play, i can even talk with my japanese friends, or my hispanic friends just switching input method editor...
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