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Please consider allowing players to edit there username on bad eggs 2. Many many players made a username they do not like when they started playing bad eggs 2 online and it would be great if we could change that name. I suggest that name changes should be available once a player reaches level 50 for the first time. Please consider my idea, thank you
Won't happen. The reason is that you can easily create a username that is extremely profane and/or vulgar. Even if you put in filters for what can and can't be used, you still end up with people figuring out exactly how to get past them. If you don't, then you need someone who can be on at all times and is fluent in multiple languages in order to moderate any and all in-game name change requests.
suggested multiple times before and always shot down due what tenchi said.

if you want to change your username you can try your luck with donkins.
It's at that point where updates are rare so I doubt there'll be simple changes like this one. I do like the idea though, regardless of what Fenchi said.
I want my user to be __ArsenaL__ or BRuCE_LEE_1 cuz I hate this English name I'm not pure English but hey I'm a work in progress but in my culture japan culture I don't live in japan no more if u say but I moved to this terrible US no offense but I wish I could change user
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