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not only that but also getting into match seems to be difficult (joining match stays on screen too long (longer than 5 secs = refresh browser)) and also getting on after logging in (connecting stays on screen either 20 secs or longer).
That happened for me too this whole day.
got same issues with chrome and flash standalone player.
From our service provider:

"We just had a service disruption at PlayerIO for about 1h20min, during which our api servers would reset every 2-3 minutes each. Load balancers mitigated some of it, but it would still have caused noticeable issues for users."


"We're going to put our efforts on more tools to quickly diagnose errors of this kind, and we're going to go over the service isolation and load balancing rules to ensure similar errors in the future won't bring down the entire system."

Apologies for the disruptions but it's good news that they're on the ball and will be working on improvements going forwards.

some server issues again apparently, in the lobby timer took few secs breaks until continued countdown and same continued during game on all players (6) turns.
I'm having issues as well. The match starts out fine but lose connection to the server after 2 or so turns.
now game stops at loading screen and has loaded 100%. same thing with 2 browsers and refresh page or clearing history etc and reopening game don't work.
It's working for me. Anyone else seeing this issue?
I do.
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