Full Version: 'BEO1 Pack' for BEO2
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This would be a special pack you can buyBEO2BEO1 including maps, guns, shells and extra pro settings all from BEO1.
I can't list everything so I'll give a few examples

Eggs: Propeller Cap egg, Elephant, Gold egg, Silver egg, Test dummy
Maps; Boot Camp, The Great Wall
Weapons: Laser designator, Explosive Bow
Pro Settings: Nades Only

Pack could also include Badges and altogether would cost 100 - 150 Credits

Not sure how to Edit but the pack can be bought in BEO2 and includes BEO1 content
i did like the great wall map, and the nades only pro option, that would be nice!
All of this (almost) has been suggested before. While some of it would be more than welcome in their return to the game, all ACTIVE updates have been concluded. The developers are currently working on their next game (which will be Unity3D powered).
I think if the developers want to make the game more fun allow us to get some old attributes from beo1 and mix it with beo2 like give us gold shells for prestige, the green dragon and also nades only I like that one and psy Gangnam style one
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