Full Version: 2 Ideas i think deserves to be read
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1st idea. Platforms that moves side to side. I mean, maps where are destroyable platforms that moves side to side, or on a continous direction through map, portals or looping wall to make a lil difficult to shoot, keep ur egg moving when its not your turn, or make cool shots.

2nd idea. Party games!!

_Minigame where teams protect an item in a fortress (like a golden egg or something) and tries to destroys same item of the opposite team.

_basketball minigame. gain point by launching basketball's ball (like launching plasma ball) into the baskeball thing(hoop? -sorry for bad english lol) that apears in random positions every turn and extra points for long distances.

Hope u can take some of this Smiley_BigGrin

Espero que sean consideradas
1st has been suggested before and 2nd would require special made maps.
(12-22-2016 04:52 AM)egg666 Wrote: [ -> ]1st has been suggested before and 2nd would require special made maps.

The second part of that is just a rip off, of the game worms. Remember when I was young playing that and you had game modes where you had to protect something (whether that be a certain worm or whatever I don't know 100% but eh)

Note: That only stands for the mini games part, the basketball part is a new idea I assume.
CTF is older than Worms.

basketball would also require special made maps and coding which won't happen since Donkins are on new project.
More ideas for party games:

Prison Break
One egg of each team is trapped behind a wall at the side of the other team.
When the wall is destroyed, the egg is set free, and another egg is trapped.
When all eggs of a team are freed once, the team wins.

This mode is played on a special map, and Speedy Eggs and Jumping Eggs are on.
Frying Pan is the only weapon that can deal damage,other weapons only stun eggs. Eggs can move all of the time. Shooting has a cooldown time.
The goal is to kill other players with the Frying Pan.

Soccer Match
Just like real-life soccer, but we use an egg instead of a ball.
And we use explosives, because eggs don't have feet.
Everyone has infinite HP, Explosive Force is used to move the 'ball', and shooting and walking isn't turn-based. But there is a short cooldown time on the weapons, so you can't just spam them.
There is also a special map needed for this party game.
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