Full Version: Noone wants to use a translator for everything
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Idk how far this idea will go so let the bashing begin lol

Now, idk whether the game has this or not or whether it has been suggested before but I have checked and couldn’t find anything. So sorry if It has.

I thought that by adding a language preference setting the game could be a lot more convenient for players i.e. when they first come into the game they get this popping up


(idk how to post an image still lmao)

This would mean no guess work or translator is required for those non-English players for wherever they wish to go in the game.

I’ve also noticed that in the chat box in game that only English characters or whatever that can be typed eg A B C D E etc..
I know that a lot of languages may only require those letters but again... it’s just an idea lol
I thought it’d be cool to incorporate characters or other letters in this chat that may not be seen on our keyboards like Japanese or Chinese katakana and so on just like they do on a lot of other chats. This would be very helpful to those who speak another language and just sit there not being able to talk, that is, if they make it into the game. (hopefully by then more players are speaking their language can talk and are in their game)

I don’t know how hard these would be to programme as I only know how to open the internet #ComputerGenious
Sorry if this is a ramble lol
I like this idea.
That's a nice idea.
I would love to ssee this
The language issue is already big as it is, with people speaking random languages in chat. Introducing more and more content in multiple languages would encourage this and make the chat non-functional.

A language is a communication tool. If your players speak different languages, they can't communicate. If you force them to match up only with players that speak the same language, you segregate the playerbase, and make it even harder to start a match.

Having the interface in English is a very good indicator of what you should be able to expect in-game — English chatters, and an English-speaking playerbase. Considering communication is actually a key part of every team match, having a common language is a must.

In the end, the interface is small, and memorizing the text of the few buttons you'd see every day is hardly an issue. On the other hand, having the interface in a single language encourages people to use that language in chat, which is a good thing.

As for being able to type non-ASCII characters in the chat box, this would certainly be useful, but there might be an issue with encodings. Handling Unicode properly in a way that doesn't cause issues for everyone isn't trivial (I remember a certain game where you could get someone to disconnect by hacking the client to send malformed UTF-8 strings...), so I'd say that this should only be done if the devs know how to do this properly. (I'd be happy to help with this if someone wants me to.)

Summarizing, while people should be able to chat in their own languages (for instance, I'd expect people in private games where everyone speaks some language to use that language), this should not be encouraged in the open (i.e., in public, open matches) in order to aid communication between strangers. Ultimately, the fact that a large share of the worldwide population speaks English to some useful degree (native or not) has led the Internet as a whole to choose English as its lingua franca, and there's little to gain and a lot to lose by straying away from that in a game where complete strangers are expected to communicate.
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