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here is another idea it would be cool if the GAME had virtually organized clans for wars and battles, like for ex LGND VS NKVD, the winners of the clan will receive 30 credits each and the loser nothing, and also for all clans, clan hoppers these days, if u don't want them in your clan, I think u should put them in a list virtually and make sure that um that account's ability to clan hop in your clan, like yourmomspito decided to hop in Fti, u can disable their ability to even join your clan, when they type in fti and save it it wont work cause u banned them from joining, I think this will be great idea.
Also suggested and denied. There is currently no in-game regulation for clans. To do that would also mean a lot of time spent testing and retesting the feature before adding it. It also leads to the possibility of someone else "registering" your clan as their own.

Because of that, it means that there is no possible way to implement an in-game clan tournament system.
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