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here is an idea that I would like to put, I'm not going to do this cause I stick with shinobi only but this is for others, I was wondering if It can be a good idea if we can use our own custom shells and use them in the beo2 game itself, or when we choose a shell, we can upload a image and squeeze it on to a egg of a pic of ourself or anything else, we can also change the colors of original eggs like the dragons or heinsberg etc. and we can also include mega pokemon shells, like new dragons mega charizard x and y.
Nice idea, but sadly it will never EVER happen :/
Suggested and denied. For starters, there's the issue of copyrights with certain images that people would use (as you've suggested, pokemon...even though this has also been it's own independent suggestion). The next issue is about vulgar images that would violate the terms/rules to which all players agree to (which can also be a problem on forums). Then you've got the issue of how to introduce it to players. Would you make them pay for this ability? Would it be part of pro? Is it free for anyone who makes it to XX level/prestige? A lot of questions with no answers. The last problem would be the UI. How would players be able to alter their in-game eggs? Would it be a color slider, preset color packs, and what about the custom images, how do we upload those?

It all ends up creating more work for mods and becoming a new way to abuse the system (which is already side-stepped in usernames and chat censors). At the same time, it takes the Donkins away from their work on the next game (as stated in the "Anouncement" thread) meaning that we'd have to wait that much longer for it.
wowzers Idk no that at all tenchi u really do know yourself around this forum, I can always rely on u to tell me something idk Smiley_XD, so I guess my idea wont work huh, that's fine anyway so sad people would abuse this though
search is your friend since like tenchi said custom shells have been suggested many times.
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