Full Version: New weapon
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A weapon that is like the poisons but when you shoot it its like the whirligig and splits off and does more damage so it deals more then ten damage and can affect the enemy for a while.
Or a weapon that comes with the van helleggs and it does a life take effect like that one gun you already made but it heals the whole team for like 10 health
This stuff sounds interesting, I like it, we have only 3 max poison weps in the game, that's poison tipped rocket, poison grenade, poison mushroom. this is just like that ecto rocket, my friend nikolai told me in practice that u have to shoot it like whirligig to do better damage and there is a badge that come with van helleggs. but yeah keep up the work with these ideas I like it
Not a fan of the first one, its just two weapons that are already in the game that are combined together.

Second one, I'm confused about...

Sorry, this is just not for me :/
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